This online course will give you a detailed understanding of the different techniques to build either basic ammunition or full competition style precision hand loaded ammunition. 

The course contains details on how ammunition is made, from experts, including tips and advice on everything from caliber to equipment and techniques. All the jargon explained in simple language, including advanced topics like neck tension, headspace, and COAL.

Both entry-level and advanced reloading techniques are covered in detail. Every nuance of match quality handloading covered, including safety, selection, sorting, preparation, seating and load development. 

This resource is focused on Long Range precision handloading to give the shooter the most accurate precision setup.

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  • Excellent 5 stars

    Tom Schray

    I wish I had this information 20 years ago. It would have saved me a lot of time and money.

    I wish I had this information 20 years ago. It would have saved me a lot of time and money.

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  • precision rifle hand loading.ex

    Gary Marshall

    Complete a-z on creating accurate ammunition in an easy step by step process in an easy to follow instructional format.

    Complete a-z on creating accurate ammunition in an easy step by step process in an easy to follow instructional format.

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  • I always wanted to better understand.

    Harold Johnson

    As a young guy I would buy 3rd handle rifles and shot guns w/cheap ammo and hope for the best. At 66 I’ve been able get a few nice rifles (Cooper) and would ...

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    As a young guy I would buy 3rd handle rifles and shot guns w/cheap ammo and hope for the best. At 66 I’ve been able get a few nice rifles (Cooper) and would like to better understand the physics and craftsmanship involved in accuracy - this course is filling a lot of knowledge voids! I rated this as 5 stars - learning over cost ratio is very high.

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  • A Well-Done Comprehensive Course - - Save Yourself Six-Ye...

    Harold Davidson

    I have been studying precision handloading for over six-years. Starting from no background on the subject, I studied and took notes from every article in boo...

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    I have been studying precision handloading for over six-years. Starting from no background on the subject, I studied and took notes from every article in book and monthly magazine I found. I have a really well-thought out library now - - but, working through this on-line course in a month of evenings equaled-and-surpassed my six-years of notes and charts. Actually, this on-line handloading course surprised me with a couple of pages of new material to my personal notes. Well done!

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  • Well explained

    Matt Jackson

    very well explained

    very well explained

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  • Spot on

    stephen cordle

    Great most informative.

    Great most informative.

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  • Excellent

    Jerry Moench

    Excellent beginning to the course.

    Excellent beginning to the course.

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Included with the course:

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to the course!
    • Introduction to this course
    • Who is the course for and what will you learn?
    • About your coaches
    • Do you need a course companion paperback or ebook?
    • Safety and legal
    • Hand loading safety tips
    • VIDEO Lesson: An Introduction to Handloading: Reloading Safety
  • 2
    An Introduction to Handloading
    • Factory vs. Handloaded Ammo
    • Handloading vs. Reloading
    • VIDEO Lesson: Handloading Vs Reloading
    • Why Make Your Own Ammunition?
    • How safe is Handloading?
    • What skills are required to make ammunition?
    • Precision and Accuracy for Long Range Shooting
    • The Importance of Consistent Ammunition
    • VIDEO Lesson: Basic Reloading Process
    • VIDEO Lesson: Advanced Reloading Process
    • VIDEO Lesson: Why Match Level Handloading
    • Handloading Quiz
  • 3
    Understanding Ammunition
    • Barrel Anatomy
    • Barrel Harmonics
    • VIDEO Lesson: Vibration Nodes
    • Bullets and Projectile Twist Rate
    • Caliber Selection
    • VIDEO Lesson: Caliber Selection
    • Ballistic Coefficient
    • Brass Life
    • VIDEO Lesson: Brass Life
    • Fire Forming a Cartridge Case
    • VIDEO Lesson: Fire Forming A Case
    • Handloading Quiz
  • 4
    Cartridge Measurements
    • Introduction
    • Understanding Headspace
    • VIDEO Lesson: Headspace
    • Understanding COAL/CBTO/Seating Depth
    • VIDEO Lesson: Cartridge Length
    • VIDEO Lesson: Seating Depth
    • Understanding Neck Tension
    • Weights Used in Ammunition
    • Handloading Quiz
  • 5
    Components of a Cartridge
    • Introduction
    • VIDEO Lesson: Cartridge Contents
    • Anatomy of a Projectile (The Bullet)
    • Anatomy of a Case (The Brass)
    • Propellant (The Powder)
    • Primers
  • 6
    Getting Started Making Ammunition
    • Introduction
    • How to Develop Your Own “Loads”
    • The Load Development Process
    • VIDEO Lesson: Load Development
    • The Use of Reloading Manuals and Data
  • 7
    Sourcing the Best Cartridge Parts
    • Introduction
    • Brass Selection
    • VIDEO Lesson: Brass Selection
    • Bullet Selection
    • VIDEO Lesson: Bullet Selection
    • Powder Selection
    • VIDEO Lesson: Powder Selection
    • VIDEO Lesson: Powder Selection considering Temperature
    • Primer Selection
    • VIDEO Lesson: Primer Selection
    • Next Steps…
    • Handloading Quiz
  • 8
    Handloading Equipment
    • Introduction
    • VIDEO Lesson: Safety Equipment on the Bench
    • The Reloading Bench
    • VIDEO Lesson: The Reloading Bench
    • Reloading Manuals
    • VIDEO Lesson: Reloading Manuals
    • Reloading Record Book
    • Essential Equipment to Get Started
    • Brass Case Cleaners
    • Powder Measures and Dispensers
    • VIDEO Lesson: Powder Funnels
    • VIDEO Lesson: Primer Seating Tools
    • VIDEO Lesson: Case Lube
    • VIDEO Lesson: Case Trimmers
    • VIDEO Lesson: Digital Calipers
    • VIDEO Lesson: Oal-Sinclair Hex Nut
    • VIDEO Lesson: Powder Scales
    • VIDEO Lesson: Powder Tricklers
    • VIDEO Lesson: Bullet Pullers
  • 9
    Equipment: Advanced Tools
    • Handloading Tools for Match Level Preparation
    • VIDEO Lesson: Primer Pocket Uniformer
    • VIDEO Lesson: Neck Turning Tools
    • VIDEO Lesson: Bullet Comparator
    • VIDEO Lesson: Concentricity Gauges
    • VIDEO Lesson: Flash Hole Deburring And Uniforming Tool
    • VIDEO Lesson: Neck Thickness Micrometer
    • VIDEO Lesson: Power Equipment
    • Automated Powder Dispensing Scales
    • VIDEO Lesson: Automated Powder Dispensers
  • 10
    Equipment: Annealing Machines
    • Annealing Tools
    • VIDEO Lesson: Annealing Machines
  • 11
    Reloading Presses
    • Introduction
    • Single Stage Presses
    • Turret Reloading Presses
    • Progressive Reloading Presses
    • The Arbor Press
    • Reloading Dies (For the Press)
    • VIDEO Lesson: Reloading Dies
    • VIDEO Lesson: Using the Reloading Dies
    • Shell Holder/Plate (For the Press)
    • VIDEO Lesson: Reloading Presses: Progressive Vs. Manual Press
    • VIDEO Lesson: Reloading Presses: The Arbor Press
    • VIDEO Lesson: Reloading Presses: The Co-Ax Press
    • VIDEO Lesson: Reloading Presses: The Progressive Press
    • VIDEO Lesson: Progressive Press Tips
  • 12
    Stages of Building Your Ammunition
    • Introduction
    • Handloading Workflow - Basic
    • Handloading Workflow - Advanced
  • 13
    The Case Preparation Stage
    • Introduction to Case Preparation
    • New Brass: What’s Different in the Process
    • Case General Cleaning
    • VIDEO Lesson: Brass Cleaning
    • Advanced: Clean the Case and Case Neck
    • Case Inspection and Measurement
    • Case Lubrication
    • Setting Up the Resizing/Decapping Die
    • VIDEO Lesson: Setting Up the Resizing Die
    • VIDEO Lesson: Adjusting the Sizing Die
    • Getting the die setup in the press
    • Setting Up the Depth of the Decapping Pin
    • Case Depriming (standalone)
    • Case Resizing (Full Length)
    • VIDEO Lesson: Sizing New Brass
    • Lube Removal/Case Inspection/Case Length Measurement
    • Advanced: Rounding Out the Case Mouths and Resetting Neck Size
    • VIDEO Lesson: Rounding Case Mouths
    • Case Trimming (If Required)
    • VIDEO Lesson: Case Trimming
    • Case Chamfer/Deburring
    • VIDEO Lesson: Manual Case Mouth Chamfer
    • VIDEO Lesson: Case Mouth Chamfering
    • Advanced: Clean and Uniform the Primer Pocket
    • VIDEO Lesson: Primer Pocket Cleaning
    • VIDEO Lesson: Uniforming The Primer Pocket
    • Advanced: Measure the Primer Pocket Depth
    • VIDEO Lesson: Primer Pocket Depth
    • Advanced: Uniforming and Chamfering the Flash Holes
    • VIDEO Lesson: Uniforming And Chamfering The Flash Hole
    • Advanced: Case Neck Turning (If Required)
    • VIDEO Lesson: Neck Turning
    • Advanced: Case Weighing and Sorting
    • VIDEO Lesson: Sorting Brass
    • VIDEO Lesson: Finishing Up Case Prep.
    • Handloading Quiz
  • 14
    Annealing your Cases
    • Advanced: Case Annealing (If Required)
    • VIDEO Lesson: Understanding Annealing
    • Annealing tips from Darrell Holland
    • Using an Annealing Machine
    • Handloading Quiz
  • 15
    The Case Priming Stage
    • Case Priming Issues
    • VIDEO Lesson: Understanding Priming
    • Advanced: Measure and Sort the Primers
    • Hand Priming
    • Priming With a Single Stage Press
    • Advanced: Bench Priming
    • VIDEO Lesson: Hand vs. Bench Priming
    • VIDEO Lesson: Primer Seating Advanced
    • Handloading Quiz
  • 16
    Powder/Propellant Stage
    • Introduction
    • VIDEO Lesson: Powdering Cases
    • Charging the Cases and Testing
    • Using a Trickler
    • Using a manual powder measure
    • Advanced: Using an Electronic Dispenser
    • VIDEO Lesson: Post-Powder Inspection
    • Handloading Quiz
  • 17
    Bullet Seating Stage
    • Introduction to Bullet Seating
    • VIDEO Lesson: Seating Dies
    • Determining Bullet Seating Depth
    • VIDEO Lesson: Using The Headspace Gauge
    • Advanced: Bullet Sorting by Weight and Length
    • VIDEO Lesson: Bullet Sorting
    • The Bullet Seating Procedure
    • VIDEO Lesson: Competition Seating
    • Seating with a regular die
    • VIDEO Lesson: Using the Arbor Press
    • VIDEO Lesson: Advanced Seating with an Arbor Press
    • Handloading Quiz
  • 18
    Finishing Up Your Ammunition
    • Advanced: Concentricity and Bullet Run Out
    • VIDEO Lesson: Check Concentricity
    • Measuring Final Cartridge Length (CBTO)
    • VIDEO Lesson: Measuring OAL
    • Records, Clean Up and Storage
    • VIDEO Lesson: Finishing Up and Ammo. Storage
    • Handloading Quiz
  • 19
    Testing Your Handloaded Ammunition
    • Introduction to Load Development
    • VIDEO Lesson: Vibration Nodes
    • VIDEO Lesson: Nodes And Velocity Changes
    • Ladder Testing
    • VIDEO Lesson: Ladder Testing
    • Ladder Testing Tips
    • Watching for Pressure Signs
    • VIDEO Lesson: Chronograph Testing
    • VIDEO Lesson: Range Testing
    • Handloading Quiz
  • 20
    Equipment Maintenance
    • How to Clean Reloading Dies
    • How to Deconstruct a Cartridge
  • 21
    Next steps
    • More long range shooting books, videos and courses…
    • Afterword
    • Acknowledgements and thanks
    • Please give us Feedback
  • 22
    • Warning notice
    • Legal Notice & Disclaimer

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