This online course will give you a detailed understanding of the different techniques to build either basic ammunition or full competition style precision hand loaded ammunition. 

The course contains details on how ammunition is made, from experts, including tips and advice on everything from caliber to equipment and techniques. All the jargon explained in simple language, including advanced topics like neck tension, headspace, and COAL.

Both entry-level and advanced reloading techniques are covered in detail. Every nuance of match quality handloading covered, including safety, selection, sorting, preparation, seating and load development. 

This resource is focused on Long Range precision handloading to give the shooter the most accurate precision setup.

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Included with the course:

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to the course!
    • Introduction to this course
    • Who is the course for and what will you learn?
    • About your coaches
    • Do you need a course companion paperback or ebook?
    • Safety and legal
    • Hand loading safety tips
    • VIDEO Lesson: An Introduction to Handloading: Reloading Safety
  • 2
    An Introduction to Handloading
    • Factory vs. Handloaded Ammo
    • Handloading vs. Reloading
    • VIDEO Lesson: Handloading Vs Reloading
    • Why Make Your Own Ammunition?
    • How safe is Handloading?
    • What skills are required to make ammunition?
    • Precision and Accuracy for Long Range Shooting
    • The Importance of Consistent Ammunition
    • VIDEO Lesson: Basic Reloading Process
    • VIDEO Lesson: Advanced Reloading Process
    • VIDEO Lesson: Why Match Level Handloading
    • Handloading Quiz
  • 3
    Understanding Ammunition
    • Barrel Anatomy
    • Barrel Harmonics
    • VIDEO Lesson: Vibration Nodes
    • Bullets and Projectile Twist Rate
    • Caliber Selection
    • VIDEO Lesson: Caliber Selection
    • Ballistic Coefficient
    • Brass Life
    • VIDEO Lesson: Brass Life
    • Fire Forming a Cartridge Case
    • VIDEO Lesson: Fire Forming A Case
    • Handloading Quiz
  • 4
    Cartridge Measurements
    • Introduction
    • Understanding Headspace
    • VIDEO Lesson: Headspace
    • Understanding COAL/CBTO/Seating Depth
    • VIDEO Lesson: Cartridge Length
    • VIDEO Lesson: Seating Depth
    • Understanding Neck Tension
    • Weights Used in Ammunition
    • Handloading Quiz
  • 5
    Components of a Cartridge
    • Introduction
    • VIDEO Lesson: Cartridge Contents
    • Anatomy of a Projectile (The Bullet)
    • Anatomy of a Case (The Brass)
    • Propellant (The Powder)
    • Primers
  • 6
    Getting Started Making Ammunition
    • Introduction
    • How to Develop Your Own “Loads”
    • The Load Development Process
    • VIDEO Lesson: Load Development
    • The Use of Reloading Manuals and Data
  • 7
    Sourcing the Best Cartridge Parts
    • Introduction
    • Brass Selection
    • VIDEO Lesson: Brass Selection
    • Bullet Selection
    • VIDEO Lesson: Bullet Selection
    • Powder Selection
    • VIDEO Lesson: Powder Selection
    • VIDEO Lesson: Powder Selection considering Temperature
    • Primer Selection
    • VIDEO Lesson: Primer Selection
    • Next Steps…
    • Handloading Quiz
  • 8
    Handloading Equipment
    • Introduction
    • VIDEO Lesson: Safety Equipment on the Bench