If you are just thinking about getting into the sport, we will explain it all to you and help you achieve the amazing feeling of hitting targets out so far they are hard to see with your eyes alone.

For those that have already achieved some success, we will help you dig into the details that will help you be more consistent, and to understand areas that might affect your ability to make long-range hits every time, no matter the conditions.

Novice or experienced, the knowledge in this course will help you increase your ability to consistently achieve long-range success.

In the First Volume of the Ultimate Guide to Long Range Precision Shooting And Hunting we help you save money and time with your equipment choices.

You will learn how to maintain your equipment and to start building your DOPE and ballistic tables. It explains the terminology and units of measurement (like MOA and MIL) along with details about ammunition and equipment to suit your mission.

Volume One is ideal to get started in the sport of Long Range Shooting.

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Included with the course:

Course curriculum

  • 1
    An introduction to long range shooting
    • Introduction to this course
    • Course content and audience
    • Do you need a course companion paperback or ebook?
    • Why shoot long range?
    • Long range is the fundamentals on steroids
    • What is long range?
    • How to ring steel at 1000
    • How to "ring steel" at 1000 yards
    • The Zen of long range shooting
    • Long range hunting
    • Safety and legal
  • 2
    Units of measurement
    • Introduction to units of measurement
    • Introduction
    • Angular measurements
    • MOA vs. MILS
    • MOA explained
    • MILS/MRAD explained
    • How to convert between MOA and MILS
    • Distance measurements
    • Yards vs. metres
    • Energy measurements
    • Energy
    • Speed measurements
    • Speed
    • Weight measurements
    • Weight
  • 3
    Getting started
    • Mission
    • What's your mission?
    • Getting started
    • Getting started in long range
    • Pick the right caliber/bullet for your mission
  • 4
    Choosing a caliber and ammunition
    • Introduction
    • BC
    • Ballistic coefficient
    • Choosing a caliber
    • Choosing your caliber introduction
    • How to pick the right caliber
    • Factory vs. hand loaded ammo
    • Quiz
  • 5
    Components of a cartridge
    • Components of a cartridge
    • Introduction
    • Bullet
    • Case
    • Propellant (powder)
    • Primer
  • 6
    Choosing a precision rifle
    • Equipment choices
    • Equipment choices
    • Precision rifles
    • The precision rifle
    • Semi-auto vs. bolt action
    • Quiz
  • 7
    Rifle anatomy
  • 8
  • 9
    Rifle accessories
    • Muzzle brakes
    • Suppressors
  • 10
    Choosing “optics”
  • 11
    Scope anatomy
    • Scope external anatomy
    • Scope internal anatomy
    • Reticles
    • Scope rings and bases
    • Quiz
  • 12
    Scope selection
    • Introduction FREE PREVIEW
    • Reticle choices
    • Focal plane
    • MOAs and MILs
    • Turrets
    • Is bigger always better?
    • Field of view
    • Eye relief
    • Use in low light
    • Scope rings and mounts
    • Bubble levels
    • Quiz
  • 13
    More optics
    • Spotting scopes
    • Digiscoping
    • Range finders
    • Binoculars
  • 14
    Essential tools and accessories
  • 15
    Cleaning and maintenance
    • Introduction FREE PREVIEW
    • How to clean the barrel
    • Using the soak method to clean
    • Cleaning the rest of the rifle
    • Barrel break in process
    • Barrel "seasoning" and equilibrium
    • Quiz
  • 16
    Ballistics and DOPE
    • Gathering DOPE FREE PREVIEW
    • Using a chronograph to collect DOPE
    • Measuring groups to determine accuracy
    • Ballistic tables
    • Generating a ballistic table
    • Quiz
  • 17
    Ongoing learning and practice
    • Practice drills
    • Long range schools
    • Useful websites
  • 18
    Next steps
  • 19
    • Warning notice
  • 20
    Special member only discounts and deals
    • TeachMe Interactive Customer Deals
    • Download your special discounts - Hollands offers

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